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Lyndee Stovall


Lyndee Stovall, M.S., CCC-SLP is a speech pathologist, orofacial myofunctional therapist, and yoga instructor in the OKC area. In college, Lyndee tried her first yoga class and hated it! She felt so confused in class, and she thought she was too much of a busybody to slow down and “stretch.” Luckily, years later Lyndee gave yoga another try, but she was too busy going to the gym and running to stick with yoga. Then COVID hit. What started as a way to exercise at home with a broken foot during the pandemic began turning into a way to quiet her mind and connect with her body. Eventually, Lyndee stopped running to practice more yoga! When yoga studios opened back up, Lyndee found a sense of community and love amongst fellow yogis. In order to deepen her yoga practice and teach the magic of yoga to others, Lyndee attended yoga teacher training at 405 Yoga in the Spring of 2022. Lyndee is passionate about sharing light and love with others, and listening and learning from others.