Splits of JUNEasana

Splits... because we're all made of elastic right?! Despite what you may be thinking, you do NOT have to be unusually stretchy to accomplish the splits! What you do need to have is patience and determination! Here are a few benefits of the splits that may help...

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Backbends of JUNEasana

Do backbends intimidate you? For most people, they do.. so what we focused on this week was making these shapes accessible for all bodies! Backbends are so magical for the body for many reasons... check out a few: Strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and hips...

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Arm Balances of JUNEasana

We love playing with arm balances! Here's why... Arm balances aren't just fun, they also provide so many benefits! Check out just a few: Tone your whole body Strengthen supporting muscle groups Allow greater flow of Prana Increase self esteem & confidence Allow...

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Triangular Postures of JUNEasana

Why triangles? Triangular postures come with so many benefits! Check out just a few: Increase stability by activating the core muscles Stretch and lengthen the spine Open the hips the shoulders Stimulate internal organs Reduce stress We chose three different...

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JUNEasanas at The Post

This June, we’re heating things up with a summer challenge. We are challenging you EACH WEEK to master a pose of your choice that fits into the week's theme shape. You might be wondering “How can you master a pose in just a week!?”. Don’t worry, we gotcha covered....

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