This June, we’re heating things up with a summer challenge. We are challenging you EACH WEEK to master a pose of your choice that fits into the week’s theme shape. You might be wondering “How can you master a pose in just a week!?”. Don’t worry, we gotcha covered. This month, The Post is specifically designing classes that will reflect the selected poses for that given week. Here’s the JUNEasana lineup!

  • WEEK 1: Triangular Postures – Getting triangular this first week with some triangle themed poses! These
    poses focus on opening your shoulders and stretching the hips, while also strengthening your hamstring and groin. Revolved triangle is one of the few we’ll be addressing this week, which can relieve back pain and improve breathing! Breathing is pretty important if you ask me.
  • WEEK 2: Arm Balances – Balance, balance, BALANCE! We’ll be concentrating on how to increase your arm strength, while also balancing. One example we have for this week will be crow pose. Crow pose will focus on improving that wrist, forearm and abdomen strength, while also stretching your upper back. Mastering this pose opens the door to many arm balancing poses, so you’ll have to check out what’s up!
  • WEEK 3: Backbends – Just around the bend, we have back bends! Partaking in back bends is going to bring our body back to stability, stretching our shoulders, chest, back and hips. Don’t get scared when hearing back bends! Not all poses back bending poses are extreme. Camel pose is one pose you will see this week that will get you introduced slowly. This pose will add some stretching to the front of your thighs and strengthen your glutes. Everyone wants to have good glutes!
  • WEEK 4: Splits – Finishing up the month, we’ll split on splits. Split yoga poses focus primarily on your legs. This week, everyone will work on stretching, strengthening and toning your legs as a system. Not only can perfecting these split poses make you look cooler, but split stretches help develop perseverance and deepens body awareness. One pose you’ll see is the standing splits. Not only does it improve your strength and balance tremendously, but helps calm the nervous system! A great set of poses to end JUNEasana on.

And what’s a challenge without any prizes? The Post will have a class check-in poster up, where attendees will sign their name in order to win one of the many prizes we’re offering in a drawing! Some of these prizes include new merchandise, a free community event ticket and a Five Class Pack.

To participate in the drawing, you must make it to an average of three classes a week. To win the GRAND PRIZE, you’ll have to put some more work in! Some of these requirements will be Facebook check-ins and fully setting up your Walla account. If you don’t win anything in the drawings, signing up automatically gives you a free workshop/event ticket for participating. Cost to enter is $20 for members, and $30 for nonmembers.

Come on over and get ready for JUNEasana!

Namaste, The Post