Class Types

Our range of offerings gives you the flexibility to choose the best fitness class to suit your needs that best fits your needs and demanding schedule.



Expand, breathe, and move. Vinyasa yoga offers the opportunity for your body to build strength and endurance, quiet the mind, expand your breath, and challenge your balance.

This class is open to all levels. Instructors will offer varying levels of challenge allowing you to listen to your body and move safely.


Engage with your child in parent & child yoga. Wiggle with us as we read stories, move and sing to music, and mindfully move through basic yoga postures.

This class is available to all levels of experience, modifications will be made for little bodies. 


Relax, rejuvenate, and unwind with a gentle practice. Postures are supported by props, such as blankets and blocks, to allow you to rest and reset in deep relaxation. Restorative yoga helps reduce stress by calming the nervous system and relieving tension in the body. All postures are done on the floor and are held for longer durations with an emphasis on support and comfort. Relaxing breath techniques are added for total relaxation.


Pregnancy can put your body through a lot of strain both mentally and physically. Prenatal/postnatal yoga is an opportunity to quiet your mind, gently stretch your body, and build strength. This is such a crucial time to care for your body and we often forget while we focus more on the beautiful life growing inside.

This class will be available to all levels. Instructors will offer props and modifications to make it safe and comfortable for all bodies.



In Sculpt, we use short intervals to raise our heart rate and then actively recover. Sculpt classes offer the opportunity for us to use minimal equipment or even just our own bodyweight to burn fat and build a solid foundation of strength, all while listening to some great music and having fun with other community members!